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Author Portrait

Here are a few recently created, in-studio photographs of Kevin Kuzma who was in need of an author portrait for his new website. Kevin launched his blog,, on Jan. 2, 2015, to chronicle his spiritual journey (and as an indirect way to promote his availability as a freelance writer.) He felt that photos would […]

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Product Photography – Tear Sheets

Recent tear sheets from KC Magazine’s monthly It List. A lot of random items photographed in studio, some kitchen accessories, yoga outfits, workout gear, fitness garments, fruit & vegetable juice, graphic designer prints and a dog in a sweater. He tried the boots on but didn’t care for them.

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Feast Magazine – Tear Sheets

Recent tear sheets from the January issue of Feast Magazine. Photographed Drunken Noodles from Lulu’s and wine consultant Doug Frost.

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Yogi, Yoga Photography – Tear Sheet

Posting a couple photographs from a recent photo shoot with a Nici, a yoga instructor here in Kansas City who needed creative content for her yoga website at Several on-location spots around the Kansas City area as well as the studio in the River Market gave us plenty of different looks for this fitness […]

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Kansas City Business Journal – Google Fiber

The Kansas City Business Journal featured Aaron Lindberg Photography for their story on the Google Fiber for small business beta testing. Story by Bobby Burch A throng of creative types mill around in Aaron Lindberg’s River Market photo studio. Some absentmindedly thumb along their smartphones; a duo surfs the Web on laptops. Another admires her […]

Kansas City fashion photographer Aaron Lindberg. High fashion, editorial fashion, fashion accessories, apparel, catalog.
KC Magazine – Fashion Tear Sheets

Fashion photographs from the holiday issue of KC Magazine. Makeup – Paige Pelfrey Hair – Jamie Miller Photographed on location at The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange

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