I pulled some photos for review from a portfolio I put together right around the the time I was graduating from college. 8 or so years back it was viable that shooters could graduate and land a full time job at a newspaper, those jobs felt like they were not far out of reach. Today newspapers are getting their teeth kicked in with impossibly small budgets, staff slashing and funding going away. It got me thinking about what today’s schools are teaching graduating photographers and how the entire industry is evolving over the past 10 years.

I dont want to open that huge can of worms right now, Ill save the topic for another post down the road.

On an up note, here are a few photos I shot while stringing for a few newspapers in the Kansas City area which include the University Daily Kansan, The Lawrence Journal World, The Kansas City Star and if memory serves I think one is from The Johnson County Sun.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for checking this out, hope you dig the post.

Aaron Lindberg